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We believe that church is not a place where you attend, it is who we are. We know that God is moving through his Church, and we want you to participate. There are several ways to get involved with Bethesda.


We have been called to preach the gospel throughout the world, both I and you. I encourage you not to walk this journey alone. Bethesda is your home, and you have a family.

Our Church exists for people like you, and we want you to invite people into your life so they can experience the transformative message of Jesus.


If you do not have a place to plant, we invite you to join our mission, and make this your house of worship.

Here you will see your crops. We consider it a privilege to give to God what He has given to us. We celebrate the generosity and work that God does through our continued giving. And we rejoice in giving to those most in need.


God has given us unique gifts and talents. At Bethesda we want you to revive that gift that lives within you.

We provide opportunities to develop and use your talents for the glory of God, and serve in the local church.

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